Focus, Balance and Blend For Total Health, Wealth and Success

“It’s not enough to make time for your children. There are certain stages in their lives when you have to give them the time when they want it. You can’t run your family like a company. It doesn’t work.”

— Andrew Grove

When tough times hit, things can get messy pretty quickly and the stress of the tough times will knock you off your course.  There are two big problems that must be dealt with at this time:

  1. Your course in life can no longer be the course that comes from going with the flow of things (the flow of things is not good and will lead you down a bad path.
  2. The stress of the changes you face will amplify the possibilities of making bad or poor decisions that will negatively impact your health, wealth, and success.

You need a new and better strategy and approach for living fully and experiencing complete health, wealth, and success during tough times.  This quick three-step process for responding, not reacting, to tough times will make a world of difference.

Step 1:  Accept your tough times for what they are and focus on addressing the core pain of your situation as soon as possible.  This is especially critical when there are tough times on a macro basis.  When there are universal tough times, you can not simply use avoidance strategies to find new pleasure somewhere else.  This will dramatically decrease your odds of surviving and thriving the universal tough times.  Build up your courage and reserves so that you can FOCUS on developing and working a 30 to 90-day plan to address and overcome your real pain!

Step 2:  In getting aggressive and focused on the critical pain that must be addressed, you run the risk on ignoring the other components of a complete healthy, wealthy, and successful life (i.e. physical health and relationship wealth/success).  Therefore, at this point, you need to counter BALANCE your plans with goals for maintaining and improving your health and wellness.  Otherwise, you will find the stress of FOCUSing on your pain will lead you to significant challenges or disaster in your physical health (i.e. heart attack or some other serious illness) and relationships (i.e. nasty arguments, divorce, and estranged relationships with family and friends).  Thus, you should set counter BALANCING goals for your health and relationships as your FOCUS on removing the constraints around your pain.

“The real source of wealth and capital in this new era is not material things.. it is the human mind, the human spirit, the human imagination, and our faith in the future.”

— Steve Forbes

Step 3:  Finally, you must discard the thinking associated with creating a BALANCED life on a daily basis.  This flawed thinking will not lead to success and it will likely create more stress and tension for you and others in your life.  Balance can be achieved on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis when you look to deliberately BLEND daily activities in the pursuit of 30 to 90 day FOCUSED goals.  However, in order to create and make the most of these opportunities, you must look beyond just your daily plan and use weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly meetings and planning sessions to make it happen.

Focusing, balancing, and blending will help you thrive at all times and you should adopt this three step process as a life strategy and approach from this day forward..  However, this three step process is both urgent and critical to your complete health, wealth, and success during these toughest of times.  Use all three steps and watch how quickly you overcome your biggest challenges and you build lasting health, wealth, and success in the process.