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Nails Reveal Your Total Health

Nails are composed of a type of protein called keratin, they grow from 0.05mm up to 1.2mm every week and their main function is to protect the nerves tips of the fingers from injury.

It takes six to seven months for a nail to grow out fully. The color of healthy nail beds is pink it indicates a rich blood supply.

Changes in the appearance or in texture of nails relate to nutritional deficiencies in your body or to other problems. Condition of your nails can reveal a lot about your total health:

— Changes caused by nutritional deficiencies:

—  Dryness and brittleness caused by lack of vitamin A and calcium.

—  Hang nails is a cause of protein, folic acid and vitamin C lake.

—  White bands across the nails are caused by protein deficiency

—  Splitting nail caused by lack of hydrochloric acid

—  Discoloration and overly rounded ends caused by deficiency of Vitamin B12

—  White spots on the nails caused by insufficient zinc

—  Cuts and cracks may indicate a need for more liquids

—  Red skin around your cuticles can be caused by poor metabolism of fatty acids

How to Treat Your Nails?

A. Do not use artificial nails as these can destroy the underlying natural nail. The use of artificial nails also contributes to the build up of fungus in the nail bed. If you do use artificial nails, be extra vigilant about keeping your hands clean, particularly around your nails.

B. If you have to do a job that requires you to repeatedly immerse your hands in water that contains detergents or chemicals wear protective rubber gloves at all times. Chemicals also dry out and crack the skin around the nail bed. It may lead to bleed and can become painful.

 C. No use of nail polish constantly. It may looks attractive but if your natural nails do not breathe they will become unhealthy. Nail polish removers also leach natural lipids from the nails and make them brittle. These are also potentially toxic to your body.

How to Support Healthy Nails?

*  Supply necessary Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes and eat a diet composed of 50% fruit and raw vegetables in order.

* Consume food rich in Silicon and Sulphur, such as fish, broccoli and onions.

* Mix food rich in Biotin such as brewer’s Yeast, Soy and Whole Grains.

* Drink plenty of water and other liquids.

* Drink fresh carrot juice daily, this contains Calcium and Phosphorus and it is excellent for strengthening nails.

Zetaclear is one of the most effective nail fungus treatment on the market today.

Research has shown that it is an effective treatment for men and women, and even for elderly and children.

Two Health Tips For These Economic

I was ecstatic when I read today that this sick economy keeps patients from the doctor. This is tip number one: AVOID going to the doctor! What a wonderful opportunity to learn how to be well! In the story I was reading physicians are worrying about people skipping their medicine and putting off tests which they feel will result in more expensive treatments later. Too me, all they are doing is fanning the fires of fear. Most likely when we stay away from doctors we get better! In fact when doctors went on strike a number of years ago the morticians screamed. The death rates went down! More people die from cancer treatments than from cancer and the third leading cause of death in the United States are ones that are Iatrogenic, (death from doctor treatments!)

Trends today show that filled prescriptions have dropped in pharmacies and diagnostic tests have dropped in many hospitals. Maybe the trend will continue showing a drop in the spiraling healthcare costs! Wouldn’t that be a silver lining benefit for individuals having trouble paying their insurance premiums or for the self-insured municipalities facing reduced revenue for their budgets? Better yet, but not recommended to all, is to stop paying your insurance premiums and learn how to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner! Health is the easiest thing we can do once we get rid of all the propaganda polluting our minds on how much we have given credibility to drugs, hospitals and physicians! They can no longer help us! We have to help ourselves! And the best way is to study food!

Which brings me to the best way, the second tip, that is most valuable. It is the adventure you can partake in where you investigate how to take care of yourself at home. Your kitchen is the best place to practice healthy cooking and eating. There is plenty of information out there. For the scientific evidence go to, The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell or to, In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. For some philosophy read, The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle. And for some Real practical applications pick up The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health by Michio Kushi and Alex Jack. That book will show you the way!